Political Digital Marketing Agency: Digital Presence

How do you ensure that you are acquiring a new follower and promoting yourself as a brand or your party/alliance at the most optimum cost? How to ensure that your hard work that includes welfare, social, economic, political, religious etc are reaching the right audience. We all are aware that the digital reach has broaden the horizon and a person need not be in a specific geographical boundary or a particular mindset to know what is in your mind or what you are planning to do. That's where working with an industry certified Political digital marketing agency comes to your assistance.

Politics in India in the recent times has seen a huge change in the way political leaders and political parties are using the digital platform to their benefit. However there is a flip side to it as well. If your work is not filtered and channeled correctly and with a strong and well thought strategy then in most cases, you might end up not displaying the relevant content or misplacing it resulting in you loosing your potential customers.

Here are few facts and figures on how an ideal person behaves on the internet. By internet we mean reading any blog, article, or viewing any, video, or image listening to audio. 

Roughly 45% of the world's population use social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes spent per day on social media. That's a steady increase from 1 hour and 30 minutes in 2012. 60% of users say they are constantly connected. That’s a steady increase from 1 hour and 30 minutes in 2012.When it comes to social media platforms, not surprisingly Facebook leads the pack, with an average of 58 minutes spent per day on the platform. Instagram comes a close second at 53 minutes, and YouTube at 40 minutes per day. Twitter has a poor showing at just 3 minutes per day, however we beg to differ as recently people trust twitter more as far as current news and trends are concerned. In fact, the reason for that is because of speculations of Media houses showing a certain amount of favoritism towards certain political parties.

Well whatever may be the case, we see that people reach out to the digital platforms more to stay updated with the current affairs and latest trends.                           

Another point to ponder upon is the use of Social media platforms of political parties in the Western counterparts. 

The emergence of social media has changed the way in which political communication takes place in the United States. Political institutions such as politicians, political parties, foundations, institutions, and political think tanks are all using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to communicate with and engage voters.  Social media boom has opened up a 2-way communication between regular individuals and political leaders

Social media are changing the nature of political communication because they are tools that can be used to inform and mobilize users in new ways. Users are able to connect directly to politicians and campaign managers and engage in political activities in new ways. The algorithms in today’s social media platforms are so strong and suggestive that a simple “like” button is a good indicator of where you stand with your information. There are also the “share” button in the case of Facebook and “retweet” in the case of Twitter which are a tremendous tool to make your information go viral.

Politicians have the ability to raise large amounts of money in relatively short periods of time through social media campaigns. In 2012 presidents Obama raised over a billion dollars for his campaign, which broke the fundraising record. Around $690 million was raised through online donations including social media, email, and website donations, and more money was raised from small donors than ever before.

So you see, Social media is used in all walks to life from social use to business use and the most important key element here is that it is economical and pocket friendly.

So what do we offer that is unique? 

We can customize your campaign depending upon your campaign. Trivoli is a one-stop look for political and promotional campaigns. When it comes to Political Campaign Management Services, we are one of the pioneers. A successful Political campaign requires advanced systems and a determined spotlight on the points of interest. From building up your political message, strategizing moving content to voter commitment methodology, our team sees that it is critical to work quickly and effectively while coordinating all segments of a triumphant campaign. Every Political campaign needs two places to be fulfilled they are the Comptroller, the Capital Campaign Executor. Political Campaigns are mostly based on the strong messages and slogans that differ excessively. We as a Political Digital Marketing Agency, help you break through the chaos with our strong planning and your daily operations will run even more effortless. Our immensely talented team involves strategists, social media experts, and associate networks spread across the Mumbai.

This Digital wave came to our country some years ago and you can definitely see the revolution, these platforms have brought in Indian Politics. No matter if you are a Minister or Prime Minister everyone is utilizing these platforms to maximize their reach. But people often see only the brighter side of this coin, it is a fact that online platforms like social media, search engines can definitely benefit you, but these can backfire too if not handle properly. Online Platforms is the tools to get in touch with your audience, it can create the buzz of your name but only if it handled professionally. It needs a certain skill and expertise to create and manage your virtual identity and that’s where Trivoli Consultancy comes into play. We have a whole dedicated team in this sector and one of the reasons why we call ourselves the best Political Digital Marketing Agency. Not only our experience, and skill but our ability to see the future trends make us stand out from others. Our clients of the recent times have benefitted immensely from what we have to offer and their testimonials are proof of how our services have benefitted them.

When you hire us then you are with one of the leading providers of Political Campaign Management Services. When we control some politician’s virtual identity, we make sure that politician’s work should always reach under their target audience’s fingertips. Their opinion and message should always spread through the peoples. These online platforms need dynamic performance to engage with peoples, that’s why we always keep our eyes on every small detail and make sure we have everything tapped.  The way we do it is unique to different clients depending upon their requirements. So to put it in perspective here is an eg : you can get yourself a readymade suit which is available in any good mall however it will miss the personal touch of a tailor who will ensure that your body is measured from head to toe and then the end product is specific to you. Taking this thought ahead we meet our clients and help them with the on-boarding process understanding each and every requirement. We also offer suggestions and best practices keeping in mind the ever-changing laws and regulations of the election commission so that it does not hamper the strategy as it might malign the client's name.

All this requires a lot of practice, planning, and experience so that the execution of the campaign is seamless, and unique with maximum coverage, and reach and engagement of the consumers.

Its easier said than done since we have a specialized team who will study the market with the latest tools and information sources to analyze the competition and how we can have an edge over them. Our services and response to any breaking news and information in real time, and we always use it to our benefit, which in-turn will work in the favor of the client we are servicing. A successful campaign’s closure requires a tremendous amount of research and insight at the beginning so that the campaign runs as “smooth as silk” so to say. It’s like planning a holiday, we know when we are leaving and when we are heading back. We also know how much we are going to spend and we always plan for the unplanned circumstance. The unplanned circumstance does not stop our plan or our holiday, what we do is an impromptu or a quick fix. Applying the same logic in our field, we think of the second-best option available for a quick fix so that the long-term plan is not effected at all. In other words it would be just like a prick of a needle. A small prick will only pains for a couple of minutes however it will ensure that it will rid you of any sickness (a temporary setback)

So, if you are someone looking for a good Political Digital Marketing Agency and have Googled the same then don’t worry this internet thing has directed you to the best in the industry.