The Evolution of Election Campaigns

Indian Politics has gone through some massive changes, especially in Election Campaigns. Back in the days, politicians had limited mediums and on top of that those medium also had their own limitations.

We are talking about the era where there was nothing called internet but now things have changed. Nowadays you can see how politicians are utilizing these modern mediums in their political marketing strategy. This is a lesson for any person who has lost his relevancy due to lack of foresight. Study the 2019’s Loksabha Election, if you want to see an example of how technology can be utilized for political benefits.

If you are someone who wants to build a long-lasting career in politics then you need to include these changes in your political marketing strategy. You need to look at it as necessary changes rather than options.

So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the Evolution of Political Marketing Strategy

1. Social Media – The Brahmastra

We have already written a separate blog stating The Impact of Social Media on Indian Politics. This medium has been a revolutionary in the process of how politician used to connect with their audience. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are the gateway to reach your audience’s mind. In short span of time, these platforms have become the unavoidable part of campaign strategy. There are some big political figures which are utilizing these platforms at full extent. This is the Bramhastra of any modern political campaign strategy.

2. Website- A Token of Trust

Website is not anything new but politicians used to avoid it. But now they have started recognizing its importance. Why? India is soon to become the biggest Internet Consumer and with this rising numbers, Indians are also becoming more mature surfers. Taking a look at the website before putting trust on any brand, organization or public figure is the normal routine of any smart surfer. Having a website is the symbol of trust and your score of trust increases if someone discovers your website.

3. WhatsApp Marketing- The Trend

WhatsApp is officially the biggest instant messaging app in the world and its importance in Indian Market is undeniable. From college students to mature adults this is an app everyone got. Where Facebook is a broader approach to tap your audience, WhatsApp is more of a personal way to reach your audience. This app brings limitless opportunity to maximize the reach of your political campaign.

4. SMS Marketing- Forever Classic

Now you must be thinking that in the era of WhatsApp domination who uses SMS, then you are wrong. Maybe WhatsApp is the biggest medium but no media will ever surpass the authenticity of SMS. The ratio of keeping SMS unread is really low. Along with E-mail, SMS is the best formal medium of communication. So, while forming your political campaign strategy provide a special emphasis on SMS campaign because it will definitely bring noticeable results.

All these above interventions came into existence in the last 10 years and made a huge impact already. Anyone has a little insight about Politics know how important election campaigns are and if you want to adapt to these changes you can contact us.

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